The agricultural engineering community is very diverse and structured just as diverse. Various associations bring people together with their individual interests and concerns. These associations and groups can be understood as nodes that hold the network of agricultural engineering together. In addition to the knowledge about the technical status of agricultural engineering and about the current issues, it is just as important to know the community and find access. Therefore, with this page in the Yearbook Agricultural Engineering, the “Community” section was created, from where you can access the websites of many associations via the links provided. The listed associations can and should only be a selection. There are further links on many of the websites mentioned.

The representatives of the academia in Germany are organized in committees of the Max Eyth Society of Agricultural Engineering of the VDI (the German association of engineers). Thanks to the VDI / MEG office, the following overviews of the committees and the institutions involved can be linked:
Fachausschuss „Forschung und Lehre“
Fachausschuss „Lehre und angewandte Forschung an Fachhochschulen“

The publisher has also compiled a selection of national and international associations. For structuring, a distinction was made according to national / international and listed alphabetically.
Nationale und internationale Vereinigungen im Netzwerk der Agrartechnik