Welcome to the 35th Yearbook of Agricultural Engineering!

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What is the yearbook?

In days of information overload, it is helpful and necessary to get access to qualified summaries with references to selective details.

The Yearbook of Agricultural Engineering provides concentrated knowledge of numerous experts in the field of Agricultural Engineering. Well-arranged in subject areas, the contributions resume the activities and results of scientific work and give an overview over current technological developments and trends in this sector. The reader can pursue the individual developments by employing each contribution’s reference lists as a current source of information. Most contributions appear regularly in the first half of each year. The publishing interval may be longer for specific subject groups.

All contributions are exclusively published online in German or in English. A scientific peer review is optional for every author.

For translation into your preferred language, we recommend using free online tools such as Google Translate, DeepL or others.


The yearbook is edited by Prof. Dr. Ludger Frerichs, director of the Institute of Mobile Machines and Commercial Vehicles of the Technische Universität Braunschweig.

The authors of the yearbook provide their time and competence as experts from the industry, organizations and from science. The same applies for the reviewer in the peer review. At this point a big thank you to all authors and reviewers for their commitment!

The publication of the yearbook is supported by the Institute of Mobile Machines and Commercial Vehicles and the Max Eyth Society on Agricultural Engineering of the VDI, the German society of engineers.

New Section "Community"

The international agricultural engineering sector is closely interconnected, and represents a well-functioning community. But who is part of it, how and where can I find whom? We want to support searching and finding in the network in a pragmatically simple way. The "Community" button leads to lists of names and Internet links from national and international associations that are related to agricultural engineering with individual interests and concerns. On these pages you will find further links to the participants and institutions. A big thank you goes to the German Max Eyth Society Agricultural Engineering of the VDI, which provides us with detailed overviews through their technical committees for research and teaching.